Mita Tilte Bar
Restaurant and Bar on the Plaza in the Center of Loreto
613 135 2025 -
19th Hole Restaurant and Bar at the Loreto/Nopoló Golf Course
613 133 0005 -

Mita Photos

Our food offerings are not limited to what appears below on the menu. Chef Juan Carlos will gladly prepare other dishes on special order. Communicate with him by email, telephone, or in person. Please try to make special requests at least 12 hours before your planned meal.
email —        tel — 613 135 2025




Carnes y CotesInternacional

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GolfballStart and End Your Golf Round with 19th Hole Food and Beverages

19th Hole Menu
GolfballRelax and Enjoy Big-Screen TV in our Comfortable Lounge
19th Bar Menu

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